Zakiah with Berger Disease

A ChannelNewsAsia program, On the Red Dot - We Are Family - EP 3, was shown on 30 Dec at 9:30 pm, which was about Zakiah having lost her fingers and toes to Berger’s Disease - a very rare disease that blocks blood flow to her limbs resulting in gangrene and amputations.

It was a very touching story – She was determined to fight the painful and incurable disease, and the family and friends were extremely loving and supportive.

However, it is sad to see her mother having to carry her whenever she needs to leave the bed. Her mother runs a high risk of sustaining injuries to her own body one day. In one study, 52% of nursing staff reported chronic back pain. Zakiah’s family deserves a lifting device to carry out this back-breaking task many times a day. Considering the cramped environment in the house, a ceiling-mounted hoist system that can mechanically transfer her from the bed to anywhere in the house seems to be ideal.

Instead of having to be pushed in a manual wheelchair all the time, Zakiah can also become more independent - going to many places and doing many things on her own, if she uses a power wheelchair, which she can control by her stumps. 

Perhaps with a helping hand from SgEnable, Zakiah's life can be much more fuifilling.