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Clearance Sale

Lightman 3 Motorised Wheelchair

Stock Clearance, While Stock Lasts

Base price: S$ 2700.00
Discount: -S$ 800.00
Sales price: S$ 1900.00
Base price: S$ 963.00
Sales price: S$ 963.00
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Base price: S$ 4314.00
Discount: -S$ 863.00
Sales price: S$ 3451.00

Paraffin Bath WaxWel® 1116x0

* Stock Clearance Sale Non-medical Use Only

Base price: S$ 580.00
Discount: -S$ 430.00
Sales price: S$ 150.00
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Base price: S$ 425.00
Discount: -S$ 130.00
Sales price: S$ 295.00

Power Wheelchair Lightweight Mini Size 1023-16 Wisking

Clearance SALE Showroom piece at Tagore

Base price: S$ 2310.00
Discount: -S$ 660.00
Sales price: S$ 1650.00

Power Wheelchair Reclining

W1023TT Showroom piece @Tagore clearance sale

Base price: S$ 2500.00
Discount: -S$ 1000.00
Sales price: S$ 1500.00

Power Wheelchair Tilt N Recline 1031 Wisking

W1031 Clearance Sale. Showroom piece

Base price: S$ 3950.00
Discount: -S$ 1700.00
Sales price: S$ 2250.00

Prelude Cushion and pump PHSF295

One year warranty on pump

Base price: S$ 790.00
Discount: -S$ 240.00
Sales price: S$ 550.00
Base price: S$ 11745.00
Sales price: S$ 11745.00
Base price: S$ 132.00
Discount: -S$ 57.00
Sales price: S$ 75.00
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Travelmate Classic Mobility Scooter Amigo

Clearance Sale. One-month warranty.

Base price: S$ 3650.00
Discount: -S$ 2150.00
Sales price: S$ 1500.00

TravelMate™ III Scooter Amigo

Clearance Sale, While Stock Lasts

Base price: S$ 4190.00
Discount: -S$ 1730.00
Sales price: S$ 2460.00
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