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EZ Adjust Bed Rail

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EZ Adjust Bed Rail

EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the only bed guard in the world designed especially for fall prevention for elderly persons. Best of all, it costs a fraction of a nursing bed and can be easily installed onto your existing bed in minutes.

For users who have difficulty in getting in and out of bed, the bed rail provides users with support to hold on, sit up and stand more easily and safely. With its extendable length feature, you can adjust the bed rail to prevent falls at night, while the flip-down feature makes it easy for caregivers to assist in transfers.

stander ez adjust bed rail for fall prevention 17134664679589 compact stander ez adjust bed rail for fall prevention 17134664745125 compact

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail can be installed on both divan and framed beds. For framed beds, the folding down feature may be slightly restricted depending on the depth of the frame. You may wish to install it nearer to the headboard so that the user can get out without folding the rail down.

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  • •  Affordable alternative to a nursing bed

    •  Adjustable length prevents falling from bed

    •  Flip it down to allow for easy transfers in and out of bed

    •  Can be installed on either side of the bed

    •  Safety strap secures bed rail to any home bed


  • •  Length of rail: Locks in place at 66, 86 or 106 cm (26", 34" or 42") after installation

    •  Height of rail: 22" (56 cm) high from the base of mattress

    •  Length of bar fitted under mattress: 60 cm

    •  End-to-end width of parallel bars fitted under mattress: 42 cm

    •  Diameter of tubing: 2.54 cm (1")

    •  Gap between rails: 7.6 cm (3")

    •  Minimum height of bed to allow full collapsible function: 45 cm (18")

    •  Attaches to home or nursing bed with included Safety Strap - Accommodates all bed sizes up to King-sized beds

    •  Weight of product: 6.4 kg

    •  Weight capacity: 181 kg

    •  Package Dimensions: 28" x 21" x 1.5" (71 x 53 x 4 cm)

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