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Repeater (Receiver & Transmitter)

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Extension of signal reach distance between bell and receiver. Useful in hotels or beach clubs, pool areas, golf courses and yacht club.



 146W×90L×32H (mm)




 Glossy-black top and White bottom


 LCD(in the Bottom) for Mode setting


 434Mhz Band

 Power Supply:

 AC220V/DC12V External Adapter


 External Dipole antenna

 Transmission Type:

 Omnidirectional (360˚)


 Receiver & Transmitter (FSK Low Power Data Transmission Standard)


- Extend distance between Bell and Pager
- Amplify the weak signal for the site of signal failure
- Bell ID Registered Quantity : max. 500
- Can be Select Bell-Repeater mode or Pager- Repeater mode for the installation environment
- Can be set the Duplicated data transmission time for the optimum propagation conditions
- Can be set the Transmission time per individual repeaters for the optimum Cell Planning
- Available a Wall mounted type or Ceiling type
- Bell ID Registration method : by Air Registration  
- Easy registration Call number and easy change Call number through the Air register
- 1,3" LCD Screen
- Mount point: Wall or ceiling


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