Electronic Half-body Training Manikin GD/CPR175S

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GD/CPR175S is upgraded from GD/CPR170S, with electronic display of CPR operation and the main functions; simple operation and cost-effective.
Implementation standards: Complying with AHA (American Heart Association) 2005 guideline for CPR and ECC (emergency cardiovascular care)
1.Simulate standard airway open
2.Manual external breast compression with electric light display:
Correct compression position, yellow light will power on;
Correct compression intensity (4-5 cm areas), green light will power on;
Wrong compression intensity (>5cm areas), right light will power on;
3.Artificial mouth to mouth respiration(inhalation)
The volume of inhalation can be judged through observing the wave of breast (volume standard<=500/600-1000ml<=)
4.Operation frequency: the newest international standard: 100 times/minutes
5.Operation methods: training operation


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