Life-time warranty on structure
2-Year warranty on electrics

Paramount Archilles

List Price:S$ 2860.00
Discount -S$ 572.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2288.00
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 1
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 2
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 3
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 4
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 5
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 6
OZMED PB16 Paramount Archilles 8


1.Fully automatic unit.

2.Electric actuator controls:

   *Bed height.




   *electric castor base (ECB)

3."SIDE SWING"armrests.

   *Removable and multi-adjustable armrest. Can be adjusted vertically and swings away to allow easy access.

4.Electric castor base (ECB):

   *Electrically powered adjustable base,which toggles between mobile (four wheels) amd stationary.

5.Standard food remote control pad.

6. High quality protective vinyl. Easy cleaning to ensure easy maintenance Ensure maximum lasting against wear and tear

7. Plywood structure with steel reinforcement. Adding additional support, ensuring durability that can handle high volume usage

and supporting our lifetime warranty on structure.



1 - Vinyl option: Anti-microbial, Water resistant, Fire resistant

2 - Cushioning option: Memory foam, foam thickness

3 - Bed size: Width, Length

4 - Armrest option: Fix armrest, removable armrest

5 - Actuator option: Add on actuator adjustable section or full manual.

6 - Package option: Packaging option available.

7 - Frame option: Stationary frame(with rubber leg only).

8 - Remote control option: Hand remote control available.

9 - Linak actuator available

*Hand remote conmtol pad optional.


About OZ Medical

Oz International Group was established in Australia in the early 1990s. In 2002. it relocated its factory across to China to make its products more competitive in the international markets. With a assion for perfection & attention to details, the company strives to continue improving its production, taking pride in delivering products that they are proud of. They have expended their operations in to USA, The New Zealands, Hong Kong and have distributors in UK, Europe ,Canada and Singapore.



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