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INO Care

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From active sitting posture to reclining position, this comfortable armchair with ergonomic operation quickly adapts to the users needs and requirements. The modular composition means the chair can even be converted from a ‘home version’ to a full ‘care version’. The sophisticated set-up gives Ino a light modern look, while ensuring strong stability and excellent handling on the move.

  • Two adjustment mechanisms, simple operation and lockable in the desired position:
    • Zero gravity: Pure simplicity. Back and leg support with synchronous stepless adjustment. From an active and passive sitting posture to outstanding sleeping position.
    • Duo comfort: Ergonomic. Numerous sitting and lying positions possible. Back and leg support with separate stepless adjustment. From an active and passive sitting posture to an excellent sleeping position.
  • Three seat heights (short or tall, everyone is comfortable): easy to adjust due to the modular design.
  • Epoxy-coated steel frame and star base.
  • 4 bases: fixed, mobile with four castors (75mm diameter), manoeuvrable with four castors (125mm diameter) or four castors (125mm diameter) of which two with central brake. Optional with castor models: slide-in foot support and push bar.
  • Upholstered ergonomic back and seat with integrated leg support to ensure superior sitting comfort.
  • Various armrests available: from comfortable fully upholstered to adjustable.
  • Wide choice of contemporary fabrics – easy to add a personal touch.
  • Available with numerous options and accessories, including tray attachment, coffee table and serum holder.

What makes the Ino Care Relax so unique?

  • Very comfortable
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Large ‘care’ handles
  • User-friendly
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Modular design – can be adjusted at any time
  • Manoeuvrability and mobility – intended to move
  • Different seating heights
  • Manual head support adjustment integrated as standard
  • Extreme stability and strength
  • Hoist accessible (active and passive hoist)
  • Optionally available as sleeping armchair

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