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Stiegelmeyer Evario

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Evario – the smart hospital bed for all environments


Its intelligent modular system makes the Evario equally at home in any hospital unit. A variety of control options, safety side systems, castors and head and footboards are brought together to form a practical and attractive versatile hospital bed which addresses individual requirements while still providing excellent value for money.


Its high level of comfort and stylish appearance make it an ideal bed for exclusive rooms. It allows such a variety of decors and forms to be combined that the design spectrum ranges from cosy stylishness to contemporary clean lines.

The advantages

Hospital beds are expected to meet an extremely broad range of requirements. With its intelligent modular system the Evario from Stiegelmeyer follows exactly this approach.

The key points at a glance

  • Outstanding hygiene properties and optional machine washability
  • Ergonomic working through large height adjustment spectrum from 32 to 91 cm
  • Excellent manoeuvrability, optional 5th castor
  • Intuitive operating concept with a handset or control panel
  • Customised appearance through choice of Intercontinental and Stelo head and footboards

Safety side Protega

Protega high-grade plastic safety sides provide a flexible response to patients' needs. These wing-shaped safety sides can also be supplied with integrated control panels.

The key points at a glance

  • Raising at head end helps the patient to orientate; raising in full provides comprehensive fall prevention
  • Easy power-assisted operation
  • Protega takes up very little space
  • Control panel integrated optionally on inside and outside of bed with practical control options for the patient (inside) and for nursing and technical staff (outside)
  • Helpful pre-set mattress base positions on the control panel

¾ safety sides

The ¾ safety side covers a large part of the bed's length and so provides a high level of safety. It is also space-saving, blends in discreetly and allows the patient an unhindered view.

The key points at a glance

  • Effortless operation of safety side with just one hand
  • Silent operation does not disturb patients
  • Wall deflection roller incorporated at the foot end protects the bed from collisions
  • Bed adjustments using LCD handset with large backlit display and just 3 control buttons
  • Separate control levels on LCD handset for patients, care staff and technicians
      • Intercontinental
      • Stelo

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