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Instant Protein Powder

A concentrated source of high-quality whey protein with a rich amino acid profile.

Ingredients: Histidine 1.5g Lysine 9.2g Threonine 6.1g Isoleucine 5.9g Methlonine 1.9g Tryptophan 1.5g Leucine 9.5g Phenylalaine 2.7g Valine 5.2g Alanine 4.5g Cystine 2.1g Proline 5.4g Arginine 1.8g Glutamic 15.5g Serine 4.0g Aspartic Acid 9.6g Glycine 1.5g Tyrosine 2.6g

Dosage: Oral Use:

Instruction :
Stir one scoop into at least 4oz of a beverage or prepared soft food. Stir until dissolved.

For Tube feeding: Add a scoop of powder to 2-4 fl oz of water. Stir until dissolved. Adminster by syringe through feeding tube.

Cautionary Instruction: Beneprotein is not nutritionally coomplete and should not be used as a sole source of nutrition. Not for parental use.

Availability : 8 oz ( 227 g ) powder


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