Putty Elastomer™

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Easy to use, just mix in your hand!

  • This putty-like elastomer is ideal for softening and flattening hypertrophic scarring. Features a dense, firm consistency.
  • Use Putty Elastomer™ when you need to control placement, such as in web spaces or other irregular areas. Great for building up handles or for finger separators.
  • Just place equal amounts of A and B in your hands and mix. Sets up at room temperature in approximately three minutes.
  • Sold in kits of one each of A and B, (two 6 fl. oz. jars or two 16 fl. oz. jars). 

Elastomer Setup Consistencies

  • Working consistency:

         - Dense, firm putty mixed by hand kneading.

  • Characteristics:

         - Mix equal amounts.

  • Recommended use:

         - Web spaces, curves or other irregular areas. Adapt or customize



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