7 DAY JUMBO Pill Box

List Price:S$ 2.50
Discounted Price: S$ 2.50

  • ☑️BPA FREE! SAFE + DURABLE: Unlike other pill cases which break or crack during shipping, our product is made from an extra durable plastic which means that your medication is kept safe and secure. Our product is BPA FREE and NON-TOXIC. That means your medications is safe in our weekly pill organizer and away from harmful leeching and contaminants!

  • ☑️PLENTY OF SPACE FOR ALL OF YOUR DAILY MEDICATIONS: The problem with using regular pill containers is that you forget which ones you already took. You have to empty the entire bottle and count to see if you missed a dose. Our Weekly Pill Organizer solves that problem! Why? That's because our 7 day pill organizer has 7 compartments which means that you can plan one week at a time.

  • ☑️JUMBO BRIGHT BLUE LETTERS AND BRAILLE: Because our large pill organizer is designed this way you’ll be able to easily read the letters day or night. Our pill dispenser organizer is great for those who have been impacted by vision loss. This is great for you because it makes your life more convenient and organized.

  • ☑️NEVER MISS A DOSE: The problem with other daily pill organizer is you can't see what is in them. Our pill container solves that problem! Why? That’s because our medication organizer was made using separate and translucent lids. Because we make our Weekly Pill Organizer this unique way, it means that it's easy to see if you took your daily dose.


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