EasyAngle Digital Goniometer

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The new standard of range of motion measurement


Improved Range of Motion Assessment


Accurately measuring the range of motion of body joints, documenting the progress of rehabilitation treatments and monitoring patient status is becoming increasingly important in patient management.

The use of traditional goniometers to perform this task, which rely on visual estimations, is cumbersome and does not provide good levels of accuracy

EasyAngle is an innovative, range of motion measurement device that enables physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to measure mobility of all relevant joints in the body.
Enabling precise (±1°), digital measurements of joint mobility with the use of electronic sensors, in place of human eyes, EasyAngle allows healthcare professionals to easily check and follow up on the status of their treatment programmes.
EasyAngle also enables the user to store measurement results and display them clearly on the screen, providing healthcare professionals the ability to provide better patient feedback and motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programmes.

Benefits of Easyangle

  • Range of motion measurements are more accurate (no visual estimation is needed), resulting in better patient management outcome 
  • Measurements by a sensor are faster, which can be translated into savings in manpower costs
  • By just using one hand, instead of two when a traditional goniometer is used, the therapist can use the other hand to guide or reassure the patient, thereby achieving greater accuracy
  • By sharing visual feedback with patients, they can be better motivated to comply with treatment regimens.
  • Professionalism of therapists is enhanced

Product Specifications

  • Charge time: 2 hours.
  • Usage time: 2 weeks (at 12 minutes usage/day).
  • Stand-by time: 11 weeks.
  • Sensor accuracy: ± 1° within 180°.
  • CE-certification: Certified as a medical device according to MDD 93/42/EEC.

 Delivered in a practical box containing:

  • Sensor unit.
  • Alignment guides: 19,5 cm and 28,0 cm.
  • USB charger with cable.
  • Instructions for use.


How to measure with EasyAngle

Press the button to enter measurement mode. 

Align the device with the first limb and then press the button again to start measurement. 

Align with the second limb and press the button to end measurement. The angle is calculated and shown on the display. 

Press the button again to view the measured angle along with the last four measurements.



Instructions for Use



Goniometric Measurement Videos

Short instruction videos to show how to measure quickly and easily with EasyAngle


Clinical Studies

As a medical device, the reliability and validity of EasyAngle is supported by clinical evidence.  Click here to find out more about this.


EasyAngle is designed and made in Sweden.
It is CE-marked as a medical device in Europe, and is also listed at FDA as a Class 1 medical device in the USA.


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