Dynamic Stair Trainer

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The compact DST enables every physiotherapy room to benefit from the high end rehabilitation equipment needed to give your patients the best treatment available.
Dynamic stair case:
With small footprint, affordable price and exciting performance, the DST-8000-C is every physiotherapist’s dream.
The best of stairs and gait treatment at your fingertips!
Reciprocal ascension of stairs.
Increased patient motivation.
Independent practice.
For more comprehensive information on the advantages of the DST Click here.
The Dynamic Stair Trainer- Compact can accommodate patients who weigh up to 150 Kg (330 Lib).



8000 (Compact)

Shipment dimensions:

180x90x60cm (71x35x24in.)


160Kg (352 lbs.)

Stair width (regular):

65 cm (24.5 inches)

Stair height range:

0-16.5 cm (0-6.5 inches)

Capacity (static):

150 Kg  (330 lbs)

Electrical requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4A max

Operating interval:

2 min on / 18 min off

Regulatory compliance:

IEC 601-1 CE, UL (motor, controls)

Worldwide patent; Color, design and spec’ may vary


Max Length: with regular slope: 220 cm./87 in.

with RSR: 250 cm./98 in.


Max Width: 80 cm./31.5 in.






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