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ANGULI Multisensory Environment

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ANGULI Multisensory Environment

The perfect place to start your sensory journey. Complete with stylish multi-level plinths on which to sit and enjoy the relaxing effects of the bubble tube, fiber optics, slowly rotating images, and your choice of music. Users can interact with the colors in the room via the wireless Superactive controller, to develop a variety of life-skills such as to cause and effect, switching skills, and color recognition.


• 1 Superactive Bubble Tube - 1.5m

• 1 Superactive LED Fibre Optic Lightsource - 8 Way Switch

• 1 Fibre Optic Sideglow 2m x 100 strand

• 1 Aurora LED Projector Bundle (including Aurora LED Projector, wheel rotator and three effect wheels (Balloons Extravaganza, Fireworks Bonanza and a blank wheel)

• 1 Excellence Range - 900mm curved BT Plinth

• 1 900 x 1500 Pair Timber backed with Bt bracket Hole

• 1 BCB - Bubble Tube Additive

• 1 Bubble Tube Emptying Kit with a foot pump

• 1 Bluetooth In-Wall Stereo Amplifier (requires speakers)

• 1 Speakers - JBL Control One Pair

• 1 Bubble Tube Wall Bracket for 15cm Columns

• 1 Experia Wall Bracket - White

• 1 Excellence Range - 1/8 Quad 99/1544 250mm Floor Pad

• 1 1/8 Quad 99/1544 100mm Floor Pad




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