Mattress clamp, pulley and weights sold separately

Pelvic Traction Belt VL4701X-IMI-2752B

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A Pelvic Traction Belt forms part of a traction system to treat and ease pain of patients with slipped (herniated) discs, lumbar strains, degenerative discs, post-surgical lower back pain and acute back pain.


The system consists of a clamp at the leg board of a bed, attached to a pulley system with adjustable weights. The traction belt is connected to the pulley system by two side straps. The patient in the lying position gains a downward traction to his lower back by wearing the belt around the pelvis.


Adjustable double ā€œVā€ straps with loop/lock closures

M     65-105cm/34"-42"     47013
L      105-120cm/42"-48"   47014
X-L   120-135cm/48"-54"   47015


Complete Traction System


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