Tourmaline Magnetic Waist/Back Belt

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Material: PVC artificial leather 10%, Permeable cellular fabric 50%, Neoprene fabric 5%, Tourmaline function fabric 30%, 20 pieces Magnets 5%

Color: Beige 


  • S       - 30''-37.5'' / 75-95cm waist size
  • M      - 37.5''-41.5'' / 95-105 cm waist size
  • L       - 41.5''-45.5'' / 105-115cm waist size
  • XL     - 44''-49'' / 115-125 cm waist size
  • XXL   - 45.5''-53.5'' / 125-135cm waist size
  • XXXL - 53.5''-57.5'' / 135-145cm waist size

1. Far infrared anion brace added nano-scale far infrared anion and thermistor materials in the basis of traditional.
2. Combine tourmaline with nano-materials, it can resonate with the human magnetic field.
3. It releases heat, anion, and far-infrared to bring about the thermal effect.

Functions :
1. Helps to relieve back pain.

2. Fasten the lumbar after operation.

3. Helps to trim belly fat, lose weight.
4. Under the stimulation of body temperature, through the action of transferring accelerant, heat inductive material reacts instantly and gives out heat.

5. Under the amplitude of heat energy, far infrared ray and negative ions infiltrate into the deep of the skin, decompose lipids etc., harmful substance excreted to the outside of the body by sweat and urine, dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells.




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