Posey Elevation Torso Wedge Regular 6311

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Posey Positioning Wedges are lightweight, polystyrene bead filled wedges that help offer support and comfort for the patient when elevation is required of the torso, leg and/or arm.  The unique construction of an outer breathable vinyl mesh cover filled with polystyrene beads allows air to flow through the wedge, thereby helping reduce the heat build up and associated discomfort of conventional foam filled products, which do not breathe. The conformability of the bead fill design helps to offer a better solution than  pillows, as Posey Positioning Wedges stay better positioned and do not compress like foam.


Posey Elevation Torso Wedges help offer comfort and support for patients requiring elevation of their torso and readily conform to the patient and the bed, making them ideal for use with alternating pressure mattresses.


RECOMMENDED USE: Patients requiring head and/or chest elevation.

Helps keep bed-ridden patients repositioned and comfortable.
  • Ideal for use with alternating pressure mattresses to help maintain support without slipping like foam products.
  • Easier to shape and position than regular foam pillows.
Catalog Number
Elevation Torso Wedge-Reg. (35/55 degree angle)
18”L x 18”W x 13”H
(46 cm x 46 cm x 33 cm)


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