Ankle Foot Orthosis

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Product Composition :
High polymer polythene, textile fabric, Velcro bandage straps 2 pieces
Size Options :
Product Size Suitable for Asian Shoe Size
   Small       35 - 37
   Medium       37 - 39
   Large       39 - 41                        
Scope of application :
1. Foot drop caused by peripheral nerve injury (peroneal nerve). 
2. Foot drop caused by stroke. 
3. Foor drop caused by Mild cerebral palsy. 
How does it work?
  • It holds ankle in a 90-degree angle.
  • It helps relieve pressure around the ankle joint and stabilizes it.
  • Helps support a Drop Foot deformity following nerve injury.
  • This is especially useful for individuals with neurodegenerative disease and nerve injury with unilateral foot drop.
  • Two Velcro straps firmly secure the foot, especially the short Velcro straps can help to stabilize the ankle and calf without wearing shoes.
  • The EVA foam around calf provides more comfort to be worn.
  • Wearing it with lace-up shoes can provide more stabilization and correct support. It also fits in most lace-up shoes. 



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