CarpalMate® Wrist Support

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CarpalMate® is a lightweight wrist support designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral posi while allowing full finger dexterity. The molded portion of the support extends from the distal forearm to just past the wrist and sits comfortably between the Thenar and Hypothenar Eminences (fatty pads of the palm). This design prevents the wrist from dropping and prevents excess thumb and little finger opposition. Controlling these motions will prevent excess flexion of the wrist and finger flexor tendons thus avoiding overuse. Overuse can cause tendon inflammation which causes pressure on the Median Nerve and is the cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The support is held in place by a wide elastic strap that provides comfortable compressive support at the wrist.

Colors: Black or Beige.

CarpalMate® is ideal for activities that require repetitive stressful motions such as:

• Typing

• Data Entry

• Small Parts Assembly


22-140 Universal






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