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1-Year Warranty (pump)

Air Mattress Standard/Auto System Super Care 4.5 inch

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APP-T05+APP-P08         Air Mattress 4.5" & Pump System Super Care Standard 

APP-T05+APP-P06B-7    Air Mattress 4.5" & Pump System Supare Care Auto-Control 

Mattress (APP-T05)

- laser-punctured air vents to improve ventilation, remove built-up heat, cool the upper body and maximise comfort
- Pillow 

- Air cells made of PU material, which is more stretchable and breathable compared to other brands made of PVC material,

* cause less friction and protect skin better

* are cooler to the body 

- Quick release of air for CPR

- 4 way stretch PU cover with zipper closure for protection against mattress wetting
- Independent cell removal and replacement to prolong product life-span.

- Suitable for users over 60kg.

Standard Size: 80 ”(L) x 36 “(W) x 4.5” (H)
4.5” 18 cells
3 cells pillow, 4-11 cells with vents
Top cover: Nylon PU for cover with zipper around
Air cells: Nylon TPU for cells
Bottom: tarpaulin
Mattress weight : 5.5kg
Weight Capacity: 145kg

Air Pump (APP-P08)

APP-P08 Alternating Pressure Pump
Aluminium pump case inside, 6-8L/min 
1. CPR quick release for emergency 
2. mattress can hold air when no electricity 
2. static for patient transport 
3. low and normal pressure indicator
4. pressure adjustable
5. filter 
6. hook
7. fuse outside for easy changing
Warranty : 1-Year on pump


Power supply: 110V-220V/50-60Hz
Air output: 8 liter/min.
Pressure range: 50 mmHg - 110 mmHg
Cycle time: 12 min
Fuse: 1A
Power consumption: 7W
Size: 27cm(L) x 13cm(W) x 9cm(H)
Weight: 1.6kg

Air Pump with Auto-Control (APP-P06B-7)


Take the guesswork out of adjusting the air pressure. Let the air sensor and microcomputer do the job and maximise therapeutic effects and comfort for the user.

- 2 panel of digital LED display showing setup patient weight and correct pressure
- Auto pressure control through air sensor and microcomputer control
- 6mins, 9mins, 12mins, 25mins cycle time options
- Static mode, lock mode
- Sound alarm ; seating mode
- Romote control
- 1-Year warranty


Power supply: 110V/220V/50-60Hz
Air output: 7 liter/min.
Pressure range: 70 mmHg - 120 mmHg
Cycle time: 6/9 /12/25 min
Auto air control; sound alarm; seat
Static, mute, lock
Size: 29cm(L) x 12cm(W) x 10cm(H)
Weight: 4kg

Some users may be concerned about the risks of falling over the bedrail when an air mattress is laid over the existing foam mattress. A thinner, such as 5 cm (2 inch) foam mattress may be used in place of the regular 10 cm (4 inch) mattress. Alternatively, an additional bedrail, such as VL11273P, may be added for extra safety.






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