EasyAir 3

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Pump specifications

  • Model : EasyAir V
  • Dimension : 26X13X8cm/1.5Kg
  • Power : 230V/50 Hz
  • Pressure : 40-90mm Hg
  • Cycle : 10 min
  • Warrant : 6 months
  • Easy to operate. Low-pressure, high-output 8-Litre pump to avoid
    insufficient flow when the inner pressure is below 30mm Hg.
  • For inflation, the speed of air supply is far greater than that of comparable products.
  • The intelligent design of the pressure-adjusting device accurately adjusts pressure.
  • It will not lose too much airflow and cause insufficient inflation as most general
    products do at low pressure.
  • The original pulse elimination device minimizes the pulse generated air inflation.


  • Model : 250EL
  • Dimension : 198X89X6.3cm, with extension flap
  • Material : PVC
  • Bubble design, low-air-loss.


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