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EasyAir 500 Pressure Relief Mattress System 5 inch

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EasyAir 500 Alternating Pressure 5" Overlay System with Low Air Loss

  • CE approved
  • Multi-stretch vapor permeable Nylon/PU cover with laser-punctured holes optimizes shoulder to waist ventilation and patient comfort
  • Replaceable 5" cells
  • Powerful 8L/min pump ensures high inflation speed and sufficient air-flow at all times preventing bottom-out
  • Patented pressure control design enhances adjustment accuracy.
  • Static mode ( no alternating movement ) facilitates patient transfer, positioning and proper sitting
  • CPR plug allows quick deflation during emergency.

Pump Specifications
Model : EasyAir VI
Dimensions : 26X13X8cm/1.5Kg
Power : 230V/50 Hz
Pressure : 30-80mm Hg
Cycle : 10 min
Warrant : 6 months

Mattress Specifications
Model : 516EL
16 individual, replaceable cells, low-air-loss, with CPR and pillow fucntions.
Dimension : 189X90X12.7cm, with extension flap
Material : Nylon / TPU
Some users may be concerned about the risks of falling over the bedrail when an air mattress is laid over the existing foam mattress. A thinner, such as 5 cm (2 inch) foam mattress may be used in place of the regular 10 cm (4 inch) mattress. Alternatively, an additional bedrail, such as VL11273P, may be added for extra safety.


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