Netti Seat cushion Uno 3D

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  • Ready to use!
  • Supplied customised for the respective user - no adaptation and adjustment necessary.
  • The hardness of the foam is adapted to the size of the cushion - and therefore the user's weight.
  • Breathable 3D or wipeable Easy Care cover.


  • Soft top foam ensures quick sinking into the cushion for rapid pressure distribution.
  • Firmer foam in the front and middle layer stabilises the front edge of the seat cushion.
  • A foam bottom with a higher specified weight prevents the 'sit through' effect.
  • The use of softer foam at the rear end of the intermediate layer prevents the forward sliding effect.



  • 3D

    Breathable, elastic and durable. The 3D mesh structure enhances the microclimate, ventilates and reduces heat build-up. This strengthens the skin and the resistance of the underlying tissue against internal and external influences, such as pressure and shear. 100% PES (Polyester).


    Durable, breathable, elastic, wipeable and hygienic. PES (Polyester) + PU.


  • Alu Rehab Knowledge Centre
  • Through years of development and production of wheelchairs and seating systems, Alu Rehab has amassed much knowledge in this field. This we would like to share with you. Learn more about:

    Alu Rehab provides an improved seating system based on the 7 principles for maximum sitting comfort. The Netti Seating System supplements many features of the Netti wheelchairs. Together they form the optimum solution with multi-point stabilisation of the pelvis that allows maximum freedom of movement for the upper body and represent an excellent pressure distribution solution. 

    All our seat cushions are designed for users who spend many hours in the seat, and are constructed in such a way that the cushions are not 'sat through'. The height of the ergonomically shaped back cushion can be individually adjusted. It provides optimum stability and head control, which is especially important during long periods of sitting. The Netti back cushions provide freedom of movement during activities.



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