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When one loses his control of the bladder of varying degrees, he suffers from urinary incontinence, which is prevalent in the elderly population due to a variety of causes. Adult diapers are commonly used to manage incontinence. Before deciding on the type of adult diaper to be used, it is helpful to consider the following factors :
• Severity. The more severe the loss in bladder control, the higher the absorbency of adult diaper should be used.
• Frequency. If you do not wish the caregiver to change diapers frequently, especially at night, then a heavy-duty type should be considered. There are adult diapers that have been designed to hold urine for the whole night – 8 hours.
• Mobility. Consider the pull-up / mobile design of adult diaper if the user leads an active, outdoor life.
• Comfort. Breathable material is becoming more popular in the production of adult diapers.

Useful Link: Society for Continence (Singapore)