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Therapy Tables and Frames

List Price:S$ 950.00
Discount: -S$ 260.00
Discounted Price: S$ 690.00

Bobath Treatment Table OZMED-OZCB05

OZCB05 2-year warranty on frame and electrics

List Price:S$ 2460.00
Discount: -S$ 246.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2214.00

Examination Table OZMED 2-SECTION-OZCB03

OZCB03 Lifetime Warranty on Structure, 2-Year warranty on ...

List Price:S$ 2271.00
Discount: -S$ 227.10
Discounted Price: S$ 2043.90

Therapy Table OZMED 2 SECTION

OZ-CB03 Australian made, 10-year warranty on frame, 2-year ...

List Price:S$ 2230.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2230.00

Therapy Table OZMED 3-Section

OZ-CB01 2-year warranty on frame and electrics

List Price:S$ 1810.00
Discount: -S$ 180.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1630.00
List Price:S$ 720.00
Discounted Price: S$ 720.00

Tilt Table Manual


List Price:S$ 1327.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1327.00
List Price:S$ 910.00
Discounted Price: S$ 910.00

Ato Form Vision Standing Frame VS-1000

incl. electric belt retractor and wireless remote control, ...

List Price:S$ 9292.00
Discounted Price: S$ 9292.00
List Price:S$ 2850.00
Discount: -S$ 719.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2131.00

Healthtec SC Universal Examination Table 3 Section

HT56221 (formerly HT56561) 5 year warranty on frame and ...

List Price:S$ 2970.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2970.00

Sliding Top Tilt Table With Split Footplates

HT53832 5-year Warranty on Electrics

List Price:S$ 21582.00
Discount: -S$ 3669.00
Discounted Price: S$ 17913.00

Bobath Table Neurological Healthtec

HT500X1 5 year warranty on frame and electrics Australian ...

List Price:S$ 8024.00
Discounted Price: S$ 8024.00
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List Price:S$ 510.75
Discounted Price: S$ 510.75

Tilt Table (710 wide) Healthtec

508X1 5 year warranty on electrics and frame

List Price:S$ 9060.00
Discount: -S$ 1540.00
Discounted Price: S$ 7520.00
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Facial / Massage Couch (Silver Epoxy Powder Coated Leg)

** Indent only, 7 to 14 days lead-time

List Price:S$ 580.00
Discounted Price: S$ 580.00
List Price:S$ 6970.00
Discount: -S$ 1180.00
Discounted Price: S$ 5790.00
List Price:S$ 2190.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2190.00
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