Local Delivery Charges for Sales Transactions

Order Value

Transport Fee (Product Sales)

Transport Fee (Rental Sales)



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Transport Services

Item Description Equipment Transportation* (2-way)
Battery Replacement **  32
Exercise & Rehab Equipment Manual 32
Exercise & Rehab Equipment Motorised 80
Feeding Equipment Electric 32
Hoist Manual 80
Hoist Motorised 160
Hospital Bed & Other Furniture  Manual 230
Hospital Bed & Other Furniture Motorised 260
Mobility Equipment Manual 32
Mobility Equipment Motorised 80
Oxygen Concentrator 32
Suction Pump Electric 32
Toilet & Bath Equipment 32
Wheelchair Manual 32
Wheelchair Motorised 80


*Surchages :

1. $60 (items not heavier than 30Kg) may be added to the standard rates for urgent or specific time deliveries, such as morning- or afternoon-only, after 6 p.m. and before 9 a.m on weekdays, after 3 p.m. on weekends, on Sundays and public holidays, or on the immediate or next day of placing an order. For bulky items (above 30Kg), where a 10-ft lorry and 2 extra workers will need to be hired, the surcharge will be $400. 

2. For deliveries involving additional manpower, such as heavy equipment or stairs, $60/additional worker will be charged for every additional 30Kg / level, and $20/additional worker for each subsequent 30Kg/level.

3. Should an order be canceled or rescheduled after delivery has been activated, 100% of the delivery fee will be charged.

4. Deliveries to high-security, restricted-access locations (e.g. Airport, Changi Airfreight Ctr, Jurong Island, Jurong Port, Mindef COMCEN, PSA Terminal, Sentosa), an administrative surcharge of $10) will be levied.

5. Transporting from one address to another address (other than Rehab Mart's) is considered 2 way

6. For deliveries to Central Business District and non-mainland Singapore, e.g. Sentosa Island, delivery charge will be a minimum of $16.

7. For overseas purchases, please email us for quotations on freight charges, indicating your preferred shipping mode ( air courier, air freight, sea freight, truck ).

8. Rates are based on pre-payment before delivery. A $10 surcharge will be imposed on C.O.D. transactions.