Delivery Charges for Sales Transactions

Order Value

Transport Fee (Product Sales)

Transport Fee (Rental Sales)



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Transport Services

Item Description Equipment Transportation* (2-way)
Battery Replacement **  32
Exercise & Rehab Equipment Manual 32
Exercise & Rehab Equipment Motorised 80
Feeding Equipment Electric 32
Hoist Manual 80
Hoist Motorised 160
Hospital Bed & Other Furniture  Manual 300
Hospital Bed & Other Furniture Motorised 300
Mobility Equipment Manual 32
Mobility Equipment Motorised 80
Oxygen Concentrator 32
Suction Pump Electric 32
Toilet & Bath Equipment 32
Wheelchair Manual 32
Wheelchair Motorised 80


*Surchages :

1. $60 (items not heavier than 30Kg) may be added to the standard rates for urgent or specific time deliveries, such as morning- or afternoon-only, after 6p.m. and before 9a.m on weekdays, after 3p.m. on weekends, on Sundays and public holidays, or on the immediate or next day of placing an order. For bulky items (above 30Kg), where a 10-ft lorry and 2 extra workers will need to be hired, the surcharge will be $400. 

2. For deliveries involving additional manpower, such as heavy equipment or stairs, $60/additional worker will be charged for every additional 30Kg / level, and $20/additional worker for each subsequent 30Kg/level.

3. Should an order be canceled or rescheduled after delivery has been activated, 100% of the delivery fee will be charged.

4. Deliveries to high-security, restricted-access locations (e.g. Airport, Changi Airfreight Ctr, Jurong Island, Jurong Port, Mindef COMCEN, PSA Terminal, Sentosa), an administrative surcharge of $10) will be levied.

5. Transporting from one address to another address (other than Rehab Mart's) is considered 2 way

6. For deliveries to Central Business District and non-mainland Singapore, e.g. Sentosa Island, delivery charge will be a minimum of $16.

7. For overseas purchases, please email us for quotations on freight charges, indicating your preferred shipping mode ( air courier, air freight, sea freight, truck ).

8. Rates are based on pre-payment before delivery. A $10 surcharge will be imposed on C.O.D. transactions.