How to choose a Stair Climber, StairLift, Chairlift or Platform Lift

Our PRICING is INCLUSIVE of the first-year Permit To Operate (PTO) from Building and Construction Authority, Singapore (BCA).***

Give us a call at  81863141 or 6250 0555 and ask for a "no obligation" on-site visit by our own Stairlift specialist -Trained in Austria (Europe) with certification. We will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective solution. 


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***Circular: Implementation of Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016


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Choosing a correct and suitable stair climber can be a tricky task as there are many different types of design for a specific purpose. RehabMart has decades of experience providing the best value-add service in advising the right model and proficiency in training home user with the proper and safe operation of the equipment.

Is your stair Curved Or Straight?
RehabMart has stair climber model for both types of stairs. Sano PT-S for both curved or straight stairs and Sano PT-R for straight stairs. Most properties in Singapore has stairs with a smaller surface area at mid-way turning. Do contact us (+65 6250 0555) for our professional advice.

Who Will Operate?
RehabMart takes all training seriously, and the training will be done on-site at the client’s location where the actual stair is located. The training session can be up to 2 hours depending on how well adapted is the operator (caregiver).

Self-operated Stairlift, Chairlift and Platform Lift
No two stairs are exact, and building supporting rail requires precision engineering and more importantly Singapore’s authority approval (BCA). RehabMart is BCA’s approved lift contractor, and we are well equipped to design, build and install StairLift, Chairlift or Platform Lift. 

We have the highest level of engineering requirement for wheelchair platform lift that can turn with your staircase turning direction. Have a look at Stratos wheelchair platform lift.


Assistep grip hand on the side 

Lower cost alternatives to Stairlifts, Chairlifts and Platform lifts

AssiStep is an accessibility device that can by used by people with reduced mobility to climb and descend the stairs. It consists of a railing system fixed to the wall, on which a handle is attached. Developed in Trondheim, Norway, the product can be used by people measuring between 120 cm and 200 cm height and supports a maximal user weight of 120 kg.


Permits required

Owners (located in Singapore) are required to apply for Permit to Operate (PTO) with Building & Construction Authority, Singapore (BCA) and the process can be challenging. Here at Rehabmart, we provide the first year PTO application without additional cost to you. The owner must receive a certificate, proof of PTO application as shown below:


our corporate social involvement

Our client (through us) have recently donated a unit of Stairclimber to HOME (Dedicated to supporting, empowering and upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore):

Left: Sheena Kanwar (Executive Director, HOME), Center: Luke Tan (Operations Manager, HOME), Right: Edward Bu (Associate Director, Rehabmart)

If you are a non-profit or Not-for-Profit Organisation and have a need for Stairclimber, Please do contact Edward at 62500555.




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Stairclimber & Stairlift


Wheelchair Platform Lift

Liftkar PTR Powered Tracked Stairclimber

Price inclusive of accessories : Lap belt, Battery Charger, ...

List Price:S$ 9200.00
Discounted Price: S$ 9200.00
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Alpha Stairlift

Delivery lead time : approximately 6 weeks.

AssiStep Stair Walker | Stairlift Alternative

AssiStep Price varies with stair configurations

List Price:S$ 4000.00
Discounted Price: S$ 4000.00
List Price:S$ 9750.00
Discounted Price: S$ 9750.00
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