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Power Wheelchair Light & Foldable

World's lightest power wheelchair GS300

List Price:S$ 3290.00
Discount: -S$ 140.00
Discounted Price: S$ 3150.00

Power Wheelchair Tilt N Recline 1031 Wisking

W1031 Clearance Sale. Showroom piece

List Price:S$ 3950.00
Discount: -S$ 2000.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1950.00

Power Wheelchair KP-25.2 Karma

UK Crash-tested - ISO 7176-19:2008

List Price:S$ 4626.00
Discount: -S$ 1156.00
Discounted Price: S$ 3470.00
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TravelScoot Mobility Scooter

TravelScoot Patented Design - USA

List Price:S$ 4950.00
Discount: -S$ 700.00
Discounted Price: S$ 4250.00

Queenstone Foldable Power Wheelchair SQPC-07B

SQPC-07B 36km coverage - 2 Lithium-ion ...

List Price:S$ 4280.00
Discount: -S$ 1330.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2950.00

NETTI MOBILE Power Wheelchair

Prices vary with configuration choices WC19 Compliant - ...

List Price:S$ 19100.00
Discounted Price: S$ 19100.00
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Permobil F5 Corpus Customised Motorised Wheelchair

Price varies with configurations Delivery in 6 weeks

List Price:S$ 25000.00
Discounted Price: S$ 25000.00

M1 Permobil Motorised Wheelchair

M1-SPO Crash-tested to ISO 7176-19:2008(E)

List Price:S$ 15303.00
Discount: -S$ 4953.00
Discounted Price: S$ 10350.00
List Price:S$ 4524.00
Discount: -S$ 904.00
Discounted Price: S$ 3620.00
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List Price:S$ 6450.00
Discount: -S$ 2500.00
Discounted Price: S$ 3950.00

Power Wheelchair Tilt and Recline TP-02AS Kingstrong

Kingstrong is a U.S.FDA 510k Registered Manufacturer

List Price:S$ 5920.00
Discount: -S$ 2330.00
Discounted Price: S$ 3590.00
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Power Wheelchair K300 PS Junior Permobil

K300 PS JR R-Net Power tilt & seat elevation Manual ...

List Price:S$ 13300.00
Discount: -S$ 5750.00
Discounted Price: S$ 7550.00

Power Assist Wheelchair Drive System JQB1


List Price:S$ 2900.00
Discount: -S$ 1400.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1500.00
List Price:S$ 1890.00
Discount: -S$ 640.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1250.00

Foldable Scooter GS150

GS150 CE approved

List Price:S$ 2100.00
Discount: -S$ 250.00
Discounted Price: S$ 1850.00

Power Wheelchair C350 Corpus Permobil

Clearance sale. Demonstration unit

List Price:S$ 18000.00
Discount: -S$ 9000.00
Discounted Price: S$ 9000.00
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