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Powder-Free Soft Nitrile Gloves

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What make Nitrile Gloves different?
Nitrile is a synthetic rubber-like material that is less allergenic than rubber, or latex.

How safe Nitrile Gloves?
Nitrile Gloves comply with established food safety safety standards and therefore pose minimum danger to consumers.

Are Nitrile Gloves free from harmful additives?
Nitrile Gloves are BPA free, Latex-free, Phthalate-free, Vinyl Free, MBT free and, if labelled, powder-free.

Are Nitrile Gloves Waterproof?
Nitrile gloves are waterproof, making it useful for many household and industrial purposes.

How Long Are Nitrile Gloves Good For?
It lasts till its expiry date provide you keep them in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight and heat.

What Do Nitrile Gloves Protect You?
Nitrile Gloves protect your hands. The nitrile material helps keep your hands safe from dirt, grease, oil, many chemicals and germs. They also eliminate the risks of you dirtying the surfaces and things that you touch

Are Nitrile Gloves 100% Protective?
Nothing is perfectly protective. Some chemicals may gradually dissolve the glove materials over time. You may need to change the gloves frequently when dealing with strong chemicals.

Are Nitrile Gloves Biodegradable?
Unfortunately, compared to latex gloves, Nitrile gloves take a longer time to biodegrade.

How do Nitrile Gloves compare with Latex Gloves?
Nitrile gloves are generally stronger, physically tougher and more resistant to chemicals, than latex gloves.


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