Non-Slip DIY treatment solution

List Price:S$ 30.00
Discounted Price: S$ 30.00


The application of the solution brings about a chemical treatment process that permanently restructures the molecular surface of tiles to create millions of microscopic suction cups, which prevents the floor from becoming slippery when wet. One treatment lasts for years.



1)) Clean thoroughly and squeegee dry surface (Ventilate the area well)

2) Pour Treatment to wet 1 piece of tile

3) Scrub surface for 3 minutes (Do not allow to dry on surface)

4) Rinse Treatment off with clean water and squeegee dry excess water

5) Wet surface and test for Non-Slip effect by placing feet flat on surface and push

6) Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the same piece of tile until the Non-Slip effect is achieved. Wipe dry and check for appearance.


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