* Arm support not included (sold separately)

Floor Support Set for Hinged Arm Support LI2614.300

List Price:S$ 145.00
Discounted Price: S$ 145.00


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If there is any doubt about the strength of the wall, we advise you to use this floor support set for the hinged arm support. The set is hinged and moves up and down with the arm support.

- Frame material : Stainless steel AISI 304, coated

- Recommended if there is any doubt about the strength of the wall

- Consists of adjustable floor support, clamps and distance stay

- Smooth height adjustment for hinged arm support with height from floor to top of support from 700 mm to 850 mm

- Can also be fitted after installation of the hinged arm support LI2603.3xx

- Not applicable on LI2603.350



Two years warranty on all products, excluding the cushioned cover for shower seat (LI09506.400) and Neoprene parts, which is one year. This guarantee is only valid for normal use of the products and use of the products without modification, in their original state.

* Arm support not included (sold separately)


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