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For many people with a functional restriction, requiring aid to sit down and stand up from a toilet is a familiar and daily recurring problem. Traditional handles or a raised toilet are recommended to make it easier to stand up. These solutions are a welcome aid, but sometimes fall short to offer support during the entire trajectory from sitting to a standing position. ProGrip offers people with a functional disorder or restricted stability more independence to stand up from a toilet on their own.

Based on an extensive study and numerous field tests, Handicare Bathroom Safety has developed a product that is in sync with the acts and movements of the human body in this specific situation. Uniquely this product is that is has been developed from the movements of the user. ProGrip stimulates a natural standing-up movement by supporting the forearm. It is this support, that makes sure that the user subconsciously divides their strength over all useful muscles. Therefore standing up independently requires less strain or even becomes possible again with the full use of ones focused ability.

The special developed wall fixture makes sure that Progrip can be mounted solidly and in the correct position on a side wall. This ergonomic product is suitable for usage anywhere, at home or in public locations and rehabilitation centres. ProGrip is available in a left hand and a right hand variant.

- Stainless Steel AISI 304 coated

- Assistance for moving from toilet and seat situations

- Offers support to the fore-arm, during the entire movement from sitting to standing-up, and stand-up to sitting down

- Promotes and increases independence while in moving to and from the toilet

- Ergonomic design

- Polyurethane foam with aluminium fixing


Phase 1: Bend moment

The center of gravity of the body in being moved/brought forward

Phase 2: Transfer moment

Controlling balance plays an essential role

Phase 3: Extension

Muscular strength from several parts of the body is being activated

Phase 4: Stabilization

Support is available to maintain standing


LI4026.0013-00  Right
LI4026.0023-00  Left


Two years warranty on all products, excluding the cushioned cover for shower seat (LI09506.400) and Neoprene parts, which is one year. This guarantee is only valid for normal use of the products and use of the products without modification, in their original state.


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