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Patient Hoist

Ato Form Vision Standing Frame VS-1000

incl. electric belt retractor and wireless remote control, ...

Base price: S$ 9292.00
Sales price: S$ 9292.00

Dolphin Pool Lift

CE Certified Sold in over 80 countries Installation price ...

Base price: S$ 14246.00
Sales price: S$ 14246.00

Haycomp Aviation Passenger Lifter

Eagle2-3-4A U.S. Patent No. 7,996,934 / European Patent ...

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Hoyer® Elara™ Ceiling Hoist System

OXF-ELARA2-227 Price inclusive of a 3 meter track and ...

Base price: S$ 6229.00
Sales price: S$ 6229.00
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Human Care Ceiling Hoist

Price includes a SLING and a 3 meter straight rail system.

Base price: S$ 7474.00
Sales price: S$ 7474.00
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Human Care Free-standing Gantry Lifting Systems

Niklas Portable Freestand with Altair Lift and Basic ...

Base price: S$ 10851.00
Sales price: S$ 10851.00
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Joerns Classic Hoists Spare Parts

Mini, Midi, Maxi, Major, Stowaway, Standaid

Joerns Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

** Sling sold separately

Base price: S$ 14583.00
Sales price: S$ 14583.00

Liftboy Vertical Platform

Up to 830mm Liftboy 1 - 180 Kg capacity Liftboy 2 - 300 ...

Base price: S$ 14950.00
Sales price: S$ 14950.00
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Milford Take Anywhere Smartbase Lift

Price does not include installation

Base price: S$ 8780.00
Discount: -S$ 2020.00
Sales price: S$ 6760.00

Milford Wall Mount Person Lift

MILF-WM Price does not include installation

Base price: S$ 8200.00
Discount: -S$ 2000.00
Sales price: S$ 6200.00

Milford Wheelchair to Car Transfer Person Lift

Price not inclusive of installation

Base price: S$ 8030.00
Discount: -S$ 2080.00
Sales price: S$ 5950.00
Base price: S$ 3536.00
Discount: -S$ 707.00
Sales price: S$ 2829.00

Oxford Ascend Standing & Walking Aid

Free One-time Preventive Maintenance

Base price: S$ 4505.00
Discount: -S$ 901.00
Sales price: S$ 3604.00

Oxford Calibre Bariatric Hoist

with Weighing Scale

Base price: S$ 17500.00
Sales price: S$ 17500.00
Base price: S$ 10450.00
Sales price: S$ 10450.00
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