Niklas Portable Freestand with Altair Lift and Basic Sling
Lena Freestand with HeliQ Lift and Basic Sling

Human Care Free-standing Gantry Lifting Systems

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Lena freestand hoist system
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Freestand hoist systems

Have the benefits of a ceiling hoist without hacking the ceiling 

Our free-standing gantry system is a perfect alternative to a portable or stationary overhead lift system. Choosing a free-standing solution gives several benefits. It doesn’t affect walls or ceilings, and its flexibility means that it is easily moved to where it’s needed the most. Human Care has a wide range of freestanding solutions for different lifting needs. Our solutions provide portability, generous lifting height and width adjustment together with high weight capacity to facilitate heavy lifting.


Niklas Freestand

The Niklas portable freestand provides a unique way to easily and safely transfer a patient. It is a readily adaptable tool for lifting and moving patients to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower or from the floor. The castors can be unlocked, enabling the system to be easily moved. Height and width settings are easily adjustable without the need for tools, making the Niklas freestand both flexible and portable. No tools are required during assembly. The Niklas freestand can be easily transported with a transport bag on wheels by just one person (Part no. 50599).

Lena Freestand

Our Lena Freestand offers the possibility of lifting patients up to 300kg or 661 lbs easily and safely, with the choice of a lifting unit with the capacity of either 150kg, 220kg or 300kg.  The lift is used for lifting and moving patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath, shower and from the floor. The Lena comes in two widths to accommodate a variety of user needs, and an option to have a power-traverse lifting unit.


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Warranty: 1 year

Free, one-time preventive maintenance before the expiry of warranty 








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