U.S. Patent No. 7,996,934 / European Patent No. EP1804753

Haycomp Aviation Passenger Lifter

Haycomp aviation passenger lifter 2
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Eagle Passenger Lifter


The Eagle Lifters are designed to safely transfer aviation passengers requiring full assistance to and from wheelchairs and aircraft seats in a commercial passenger jet.


Eagle 2A Passenger Lifter

Is designed for use in main line commercial jets with 3 seats each side and wide body aircraft.

It extends in length to accommodate seats in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and

some First Class (depending on carrier). It also lifts high enough to clear fixed armrests.

Specifications mm: Height = 1680 x Width = 380 x Length = Open (1590) Closed (1090)


Eagle 3A Passenger Lifter

Has a lower profile and is more suited to the smaller Commuter / Regional Aircraft such as ATR, Embraer, etc. It is smaller in height and requires the armrest to be raised.

Specifications mm: Height = 1570 x Width = 380 x Length = Open (1290) Closed (1090)


Eagle 4A Passenger Lifter

Was designed to access middle seating with fixed armrests in the A319/A320 where overhead space is restricted. It also extends in length to accommodate seats in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and some First Class (depending on carrier) with fixed armrest.

Specifications mm: Height = 1590 x Width = 380 x Length = Open (1590) Closed (1090)


The Eagle requires right hand aisle seat allocation. More seating options are available with the middle section of wide body aircraft with 2 aisles.


Safe Working Load (SWL) on all Eagles: 250kg or 550Ibs.

10 Key Benefits of the Eagle Passenger Lifter.

  1. The improved dignity and travel experience for PRM's (Persons with Reduced Mobility).
  2. Improved transfer experience for slightly framed passengers or passengers that may suffer
    from other conditions (non-visual) such as pressure sores, muscular or bone disorders.
  3. Improved manageability of obese passengers in the confined space of an aircraft cabin.
  4. Eliminating the risk of passenger injury and legal consequences by not employing manual lifting techniques.
  5. The fitting of a sling and transfer of female passengers can be carried out by female staff avoiding any potential manual handling concerns.
  6. Reduction of OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) issues for staff and associated cost.
  7. The Eagle eliminates the need for double handling as the transfer is direct from wheelchair to aircraft seat.
  8. Safer handling in the removal of a non-responsive passenger.
  9. Greater efficiency with less staff involvement.
  10. Quicker turn-around time of aircraft.

Not all disabilities are visual; the Eagle provides your Service Team & PRM's the "Choice" of transfer procedure when manual handling is deemed inappropriate!


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