Multi-Lift for Car Transfer

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You can now easily transfer a person easily from a wheelchair to your car

  • No structural modification is needed  
  • No regulatory approval is required
  • Easily assembled to do the transfer job
  • Easily dismantled for storage in the car booth
  • Transferable to a new vehicle
  • A wide range of accessories for other transfer purposes




Car A-PillarCar A-Pillar

Car A-PillarCar A-Pillar


Millennium Edition Multi-Lift Specifications

Lifting Capacity:     275 lbs/125kgs
Weight:     26 lbs/11 kgs without Swingarm & Yoke
Maximum Lifting Differential:     22 1/2"/577mm
Length When Folded:     22 1/2"/575mm
Maximum Length without Extension:     46"/1170mm
Maximum Length with Extension:     58"/1475mm
Power Supply:     12v/25A Surge, 20A Continuous
Sling Types:    
  • 4 SIZES: Juvenile (J) & Adult 1 - 3
  • General Purpose (BackSaver Style)
  • Bath (BackSaver Style)
  • 2-Piece Quick-Sling 
  • Head Support (BackSaver Style)
  • Full Head Support (BackSaver Style)
  • Dress Sling (BackSaver Style)
  • Amputee
  • Stretcher
  • Brittle Bone (Osteogenesis Imperfecta [OI]) 
  • Anti-Extension
Paint:     Gray Powder Coat
Home Wall Mount:     29" (H) X 28" (W) / 725mm (H) X 700mm (W)
Home Floor Mount:     24” (W) X 18” (L) X 21 ½ (H)  / 610mm (W) X 457mm (L) X 540mm (H) mm
Easy- Base Mobile Frame    

Open: 60"(L) X  34"(W) X  42"(H) / 1,524mm (L) X 813mm (W) X1,067mm(H) 

Closed: 48"(L) X  28"(W) X  12"(H) /  1,219mm (L) X 711mm (W) X 305mm (H)

 * The product requires customisation for each particular car model









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