Barton Convertible Chair with Patient Transfer System

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Barton convertible chair
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Non-lifting, bed-to-bed transfer in a breeze

Safely Transfers Patients with Minimum Risks of Injuries


I-400 convertible chair

  • Unlimited repositioning capabilities
  • Central brakes and steer locking functions
  • Ideal for acute care setting

The I-400 chair is a safe and comfortable device ideal for acute care settings, although it can just as easily function in a home care or nursing facility setting. It is a key element in early patient mobilization with the added benefits of caregiver safety. Its Tilt-in-Space capability is ideal for various complications, such as pressure ulcers, experienced by patients with compromised mobility.

The I-400 enables lateral transfer in a supine position safely and easily which builds confidence in both the patient and the caregiver. Its portability allows usage in multiple rooms in a department and the ability to utilize the Patient Transfer System (PTS) simplifies the transfer of patients from a bed to a chair in addition to helping protect the caregiver from injury.


H-250 convertible chair 

  • Ideal for transferring patients for early mobilization
  • Unlimited positioning capabilities
  • Ideal for multiple care settings from post acute to home

The H-250 Convertible Chair is a unique device that easily converts from a stretcher to an upright mobile chair in seconds. It is the first step to early patient mobilization, providing a no-lift solution for moving, repositioning and transferring patients safely and effectively.

The H-250 features Tilt-in-Space capability that allows for unlimited repositioning. Patient transfer and repositioning is key to early mobilization and increased blood circulation to prevent complications associated with compromised mobility. The H-250 chair can be equipped with a Patient Transfer System (PTS) to offer transfers between a bed and a chair with ease by a single caregiver without risk of injury to the patient or caregiver. The H-250 can also be used with other traditional SPH transfer techniques like slide sheets or air assisted devices.


B2011A  Acute Care Kit (Patient Transfer System for I-400 and H-250 convertible chairs)

*sold separately from convertible chairs

Moving a patient can be challenging and unsafe,especially when dealing with heavier patients. Our H-250 and I-400 chairs can be equipped with our unique, easy to adjust Patient Transfer System (PTS).

Our Patient Transfer System works with most beds and stretchers and allows a single caregiver to safely and easily transfer a dependent patient with greater frequency and ease without the indignity, discomfort and medical limitations of traditional handling methods.


I-700 convertible chair

  • Ideal for more robust users
  • Central brakes and steer locking functions
  • Driving force for SPH initiatives

The I-700 chair offers an unlimited number of reclined and tilt positions making it the ideal device for early patient mobilization in an acute or post-acute setting. Its higher weight capacity allows easy transfer, repositioning, and transport of even a more robust patient. The I-700 chair will not only support existing safe patient handling initiatives but also be incremental in initiating them in higher risk departments.

Frequent repositioning and early mobilization with the I-700 is key in reducing the average length of stay in the hospital for any given episode of care. The I-700 chair can easily be utilized for multiple patient rooms and is an ideal device for patients in departments that require getting the patient into rehab or step down units.


 USER MANUAL (I-400/I-700)







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