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Easy Transfer for Car

List Price:S$ 2870.00
Discount -S$ 575.00
Discounted Price: S$ 2295.00


A Comfortable Bridge to Your Car

The Easy-Transfer is a flip-down transfer seat that acts as a bridge between your wheelchair or scooter and your vehicle seat. Securely attached to the vehicle and easier to use than a transfer board, the Easy-Transfer stows quickly when you are driving, or when other drivers or passengers use your car. No more struggling with that slippery, unstable transfer board!

  • Reduce the risk of falling between wheelchair/scooter and car seat
  • Increase your choice of cars
  • Help prevent caregiver injuries from lifting you into the car
  • Easy and unobtrusive installation
  • Weight capacity of 350 Lbs.

3 Levels of Stowage, All Quick and Easy

Easy-Transfer features 3 levels of stowage. When you’re just running errands, flip the Easy-Transfer seat up and it remains vertical between the car seat and the car door until you reach your destination. When a non-disabled family member is using the car, you can detach the Easy-Transfer seat with one hand and stow it behind the car seat or in any other convenient spot. If you won’t be using the car for a longer period of time—say you’re loaning it to your son while his car is in the shop—you can remove the Easy-Transfer seat and most of the frame assembly, a quick and easy operation.


Price not inclusive of costs of applying for a installation permit from the Land Transport Authority and product installation, which may require the service of a Professional Engineer who is also a Qualified Person..  




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