Lateral Patient Transfer Slide - Board Type Ez-100

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Lateral Patient Transfer Slide - Board Type Ez-100

EZ-100 is a rolling board-type patient transfer Slide that transfers patients between a bed and x-ray table, operating table, shower trolley, or ambulance stretcher.

A single caregiver is able to transfer a patient within ONE MINUTE without any lifting.



EZ-GO patient transfer slides reduce work-related injuries for caregivers and also reduce the risk of patients being 2nd-injured when transferred.

Unique functionality saves manpower, time, space, and cost... 

*Light-weight and foldable



*Fire Retardant


*Water Resistant


EZ-GO patient transfer slides  – Operation


1.Turning the patient into a sideways and placed in a shifting pad.

2. The patient lies flat on the slip pad and moves the patient.

3. Turning the patient into a sideways and remove the shift Slip Pad.



  1. Slide the patient, left to right, and forward and back with ease
  2. Can be moved from the bed to the bed pushed, X-ray plates, the operating table, bed bath, the stretcher, etc., and can be folded for convenient storage.
  3. For home use, it can be used for reclining wheelchair (high-back wheelchair) to a bed.
  4. It is suitable for patients with limited mobility, stroke, and paralysis.


EZ-100 Manual (wheelchairs):

  • 天群醫療

1. Lean the patient to one side and place EZ-GO under the patient

2. Gently push the patient to the stretcher.

3. Lean the patient to one side and push EZ-GO away from the patient.

  • Model: EZ-100
    Size: 177cm x 55cm (unfolded)
    88cm x 55cm (folded)
    Welght: 3.0kg
    Max Load: 200kg



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