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RollerSlide Patient Transfer Board

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RollerSlide Patient Transfer Board

This unique transfer board provides smooth, gentle supine transfers even over gaps or uneven surfaces with the innovative low-friction rotating cover that puts minimal strain on the patient and caregiver.

The RollerSlide is designed to make supine transfers smooth and easy, bridging gaps and evening out differences in height, moving with the user through the transfer. This padded sliding board incorporates Handicare™s patented ultra-low friction material to ensure transfers are smooth and effortless, while the rigid inner board guarantees stability. 

Product Benefits:
  • Facilitates easy supine transfers even when there are gaps or height differences.
  • Rotating low friction cover ensures a safe and gentle transfer.
  • The unique design enables transfers with minimal strain on the caregiver.
  • Removable cover is easy to clean and ideal for healthcare environments.
  • Foldable and with handles at the short ends for easy handling, transportation, and storage.


  • Length: 175cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Total Weight: 2kg
  • Model: Light
  • Material: Plastic


User manual RollerSlide 

Care instructions

Product leaflet RollerSlide

Safety information


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