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Active Rollator Access

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Adapts with ease.

This type of rollator has never been seen before. Active has an attractive design, and stands out from the other rollators by combining all of the best user-friendly features into one and the same rullator. Both the handle and seat height can easily be adjusted with a simple pull of a lever, no tools required. The Active easily folds together for parking or transporting, and the shopping bag is conveniently located under the seat. Large diameter wheels make the Active a practical walking aid both indoors and out.
This rollator is the perfect companion for taking strolls outdoors, shopping trips to the local supermarket, or enhancing your safety in and around the house. You can't find a more user friendly or versatile walker anywhere in the world. You don't have to sit inside your home and watch the world go by.


Fall prevention

A pair of adjustable Active roll resistors enhance safety of your Active rollator. They act like brakes when excessive force is applied, and prevent the user from stumbling or falling. They can be adjusted to the resistance level that best suits the condition of the user.


See all the unique features of the Active Outdoor Rollator


Advanced Braking System

The Active walker has a patented braking system that puts safety first. The brake cables are protected and hidden safely away inside the walker frame. The brakes stay in perfect adjustment no matter which position the handles in, and there is no need for re-adjusting. When it is time for adjustment, there is a convenient allen screw located in the rear leg profil, and with a quick turn of the included wrench the brakes can easily be adjusted to accommodate for wear.


Large front wheels

Why stop walking when the terrrain gets rough? the Active rollator puts safety first, with it's large 25cm (10 inch) diameter front wheels which rolls safely over uneven terrain, sidewalk cracks, and door threshholds that make other rollators stop in their tracks. The Active travels just as well over gravel paths as it does smooth tile floors. But maneuverability was always a key issue for the designers of the Active. By using smaller 8 inch (20 cm) diameter back wheels, the Active retains its incredible maneuverability and tight turning radius that make it a great walking aid in the home, where space is limited.


Removable Handy-basket

Unlike other walkers that place a metal basket in front of the seat, the Active utilizes the space under the seat with a handy removable basket. With a capacity of 14 liters, there is enough room for a handbag, newspaper, food items and more. The seat protects the contents of the basket both from the weather and opportunistic theft. Flip the seat up to access the contents of the basket, or take the basket out with the convenient carry handles.


Curb climber

Even with the large front wheels, there are always obstacles that are too big to just roll over. But you don’t have to pick up the walker to get up that curb. Just step down on the curb climber and with a gentle pull back on the handles, the Active walker will raise its front wheels to easily maneuver over larger obstacles.


Easy Seat adjustment

The Active walker is the first walker in the world to have an adjustable seat height. The seat can be moved into one of 4 positions to suit the user or the situation. It takes just seconds using the patented quick-release adjustment levers to move the seat into the desired position.


Easy Height adjustment

Does one size really fit all? The Active tries to fit most with its super-easy adjustability. The handles on the Active walker are adjustable in 6 increments between 82cm (2’8”) and 98cm (3’3”). There are no tools required, and the handles lock positively in place automatically. In just seconds, the walker can be adjusted perfectly for users from 150cm (5’0”) to 195cm (6’4”) tall. Handle height adjustment this easy is optimal for situations where there are multiple users of the same walker.


Standing Parking position

When the walker isn’t in use, it doesn’t use up valuable space. A single easy lever folds and locks the Active into its convenient parking position. Not only can the lightweight Active easily be stowed into a vehicle, it also stands on its own in the parking position. This means that it is always ready to use when needed.



Safety is always a concern. Walking at night or in low visibility situations can be dangerous if you aren’t seen by traffic. The Active sports built-in red reflectors in the handles, and reflective tape on the frame to give all round visibility when you need it most.


Type : Access Active
Handle height : 77-100 cm (30-40")
Seat height : 51-64 cm (20-25")
Max user weight : 125 kg (275lbs)
Dimensions : 60x84x89 cm (24x33x35")
Folded dimensions : 60x50x89 cm (24x20x35")
Weight : 9kg (20lbs)
Front wheels : 25 cm (10")
Back wheels : 20 cm (8")
Materials : Aluminium and plast composite
Cleaning : Detergent, steam or high pressure water

* 1 year warranty on frame

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