Walker Basket

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Walker Basket 2


Walker Basket

The Strap-On Walker Basket comes with a handy tray and cup insert to prevent items from spilling or slipping through the basket. The basket has Velcro straps that fit most walkers.


  • Fits most walkers
  • Attaches easily with velcro straps
  • Includes tray with a cup insert

User Instructions 

1. Attaches to the walker with Velcro straps

2. Included is a plastic tray. Place the tray in the bottom of the basket. This tray is provided to prevent small items from falling through the bottom of the basket. The tray also has a depression for a cup.

3. Fits most walkers.

4. Do not place items in the basket more than 10ibs in weight.


Length (A): 16inches

Width (B): 6 inches

Height (C): 7 inches

 Walker basket dimension


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