Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits

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SC1 suspension conversion kit attached to a W1BS walker.

The image shows the SC1 Suspension Conversion Kit attached to a W1/2BS walker.

Suspension Conversion Kits
  • These attach to existing B-series Kaye Posture Control Walkers and allow the walkers to function as "partial weight bearing" or suspension walkers.
  • Easily removable to allow the walkers to be used independently.
  • The walkers can fold with the suspension kits attached, to facilitate storage and transportation.
  • The narrower width of these units allows greater maneuverability indoors, but in order to fit over a treadmill, it will be necessary to place the walker on theTreadmill Width Adapter
  • Available in 4 sizes, for toddlers through smaller adults, as shown in the chart to the lower left.
  • Four harness sizes are available but sold separately. For harness details, refer to the chart below.
Suspension Conversion Kits
Model #Fits Kaye Posture Control Walker Models***Weight Limit*
SC1 W1/2B, W1/2BR(X), W1/2BS(X), W1/2BH, W1/2BHR(X), W1/2BHS(X),
W1B, W1BR(X), W1BS(X), W1BH,
60 lbs*
SC2 W2B, W2BR(X), W2BS(X) 85 lbs*
SC3 W3B, W3BR(X), W3BS(X) 130 lbs*
SC4 W4B, W4BR(X), W4BS(X) 180 lbs*

*The conversion kits and the harnesses have weight limits that differ. Neither weight limit should be exceeded.
*The conversion kits and the harnesses are priced and sold separately.
***While the conversion kits fit on the walkers listed in the chart, four-wheeled walkers with swivel front wheels (walkers that include an "S" in the model number), provide the greatest maneuverability.

W2BS Walker with SC2 Suspension kit added. W2BS Walker with SC2 Suspension kit added.

Kaye Suspension Harnesses
The Kaye Suspension Harnesses were designed and made to comfortably hold clients when they are suspended in the Kaye Suspension Walkers, Models SW1, SW7 and all Kaye Posture Control Walkers with Suspension Accessories, Models SC1, SC2, SC3 and SC4. Each harness is made of material that has a high compression element so that the body vest fits snuggly around the client and fastens with buckles. These harnesses have two distinct styles depending on the size and weight of the client.

Models 9820-Small and 9821-Medium Slim, have three components: a body vest, 4 compression straps and four strap pads. These harnesses fit between the legs like pants and buckle up each side. Because of the construction of these harnesses, they are most comfortable for children under 60 lbs.

Models 9822-Medium and 9824-Large, have four components: a body vest, 4 compression straps, four strap pads, and two thigh cuffs. They depend on the compression of the vest and the thigh straps to hold the vest in place. These vests buckle up the front and back. Because they do not have any component between the legs, they are comfortable for older, heavier clients, and can hold up to 200 lbs.





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