Airwheel H3S Folding Electric Wheelchair


Airwheel H3S Automatic Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Airwheel H3S Automatic Folding Electric Wheelchair is incredibly innovative and can be controlled from your smartphone or on the unit itself.

Using your smartphone you can open your Airwheel H3S remotely and drive it closer to you.

After transferring into it you can use the easy joystick to control speed and direction etc.

The automatic folding function alone is of great benefit to many users as you do not have to bend down to open and close it - you just press one button.


The Airwheel H3S automatic folding electric wheelchair features;

- Remote control function to drive and open the chair using your smartphone

- The maximum speed of 4mph

- 12.5" back wheels / 8" front wheels

- Maximum user weight of 130kg / 20.4 stone

- Weighs 29.5kg with the battery removed


The Airwheel H3S Automatic folding electric wheelchair has been designed to save you the hassle and worry and to allow you to enjoy more freedom and independence.

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H3S Illustration

Lightweight Folding Power ChairElectric Mobility ScootersPower and Manual wheelchairs


            Width 620mm               Length 1100mm                     Height 980mm

Lightweight Folding Power Chairpower chairElectric Mobility Scooters

   Folding length: 890mm                 Folding width                    Folding height

   (Controller not included)                    620mm                              400mm

Power and Manual wheelchairsElectric Mobility Scootersfolding wheelchair

          Saddle width                       Saddle depth                      Armrest to ground

             450mm                                 450mm                                  780mm

Manual Wheelchairspower chairElectric Mobility Scooters

Cushion to ground               Distance between wheels        Distance between axles

        540mm                                    570mm                                    670mm


folding wheelchair


Aluminum alloy 6061

Item Weight




Max.Climbing Angel

About 8°

Standard Max. Speed



lithium 25.2V 524Wh

Applicable Temperature


Charge Time

About 5H

Rated Power


Front Wheel

8 inch

Rear Wheel

12.5 inch, inflatable tire

Rotation Radius


Over-Obstacle Capacity


Trench Crossing Capacity


Reduction Gearbox

worm and gear reduction ratio 1: 32


Dual-drive brush motor with clutch pull rod. Power: 200W; voltage: 24V; revolving speed: 3776rpm




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