Crash-tested to ISO 7176-19:2008(E)
Also available for customisation (as ordered, price may vary)

M1 Permobil Motorised Wheelchair

List Price:S$ 15300.00
Discounted Price: S$ 15300.00


M1 Permobil Motorised Wheelchair

Quality meets Value.

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily repositioning and transfers.

Open and sleek design accommodates virtually any seating

  • Seat width options from 14-22 inches (in 2 inches increments)
  • Seat depth adjustable from 14-22 inches without adding parts (in 1 inch increments)

Tubular Backrest Frame

  • 1 inch diameter rigid tubular backrest frame
  • Accommodates virtually any aftermarket backrest mounting hardware
  • Open design allows backrest to be recessed between canes to minimise loss of seat depth


Flipback locking armrest can be moved out of the way for transfers and also lock firmly in place for security whilst seated (during weight shifts or repositioning)

Armrest width is adjustable up to 1 inch (without parts)

Power tilt

  • The 0-50degree power tilt function, used with manual leg elevation, brings about effective pressure relief for most users..


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