Power Wheelchair M400 Corpus 3G Permobil




  • Climbing And Traction System - The Climbing and Traction System connects the drive wheels and casters and performs multiple functions, providing overall stability especially while climbing obstacles and traversing various surfaces.

  • M400 Design - The M400 Mid-Wheel Drive mirrors other Permobil chairs in its clean design and proven performance.

  • Compact size - With its compact size, the M400 has a tight 500mm turning radius.

  • Speed - The M400 comes with PG 120 amp R-Net electronics and offers a maximum speed of 12 km/h.

  • Easy-to-replace swing arm covers - The M400 also features stylish easy-to-replace swing arm covers made of scratch resistant material, which protect the swing arms from unsightly chips and scrapes.

  • Climbing capabilities - The M400 boasts unmatched climbing capabilities–75mm forward and 50mm reverse. The large 200mm casters and flat-free tires with gel inserts help absorb shock, while the solid steel struts lessen the impact of lateral forces.

  • Ergonomic cushions - Designed by Permobil in collaboration with Bengt Engstrom for maximum comfort.

  • Multi-axis armrest - In addition to the flip-up feature, the armrests provide height, width and angle adjustments as well as medial swivel with fore and aft adjustments.

  • Interactive Counter Pressures - Distribute the pressure on your back and reduces the risk of pressure damage.

  • Adjustable seat frame - Easy to adjust the width and depth of the seat frame.

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    M300/M400 Design Process and Ride Quality

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