Power Wheelchair Tilt-in-Space Karma

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Positioning wheelchair especially designed for Children

  • User-friendly tilt-in-space
  • Ergonomic design
  • Carefree seating

Lighting up children's journey with gladness

Optimizing protection for safer traveling

Every new chair of Karma undergoes assessments aimed at making the children's living a whole lot more pleasant.

The one you are looking at right now is filled with ideas like these-ideas that not only helping children feel more comfortable and stable, also their smiles brightening their parents and their tomorrow.

User-friendly tilt-in-space design

Supporting entire back of the children, providing an intelligent center-of gravity weight shifting tilt-in-space up to 30° . Backrest manually adjustable from 5° to 15°, and total up to 45°, effectively relieving the pressure.


11" children-centered backrest

More fitting to the shape of children's back, referenced from the bone development of children aged among 6 to 12, detachable, angle adjustable from 5° to 15°, giving a feeling of remarkable pleasance.


Easy flip-back armrest

Design for smooth lateral transfer, 6 to 8.5 inches height adjustable whilst width adjustable ranging from 16 to 18 inches, easy to clean and easy access for careers.


Carefree seating

Perfectly fitting to the shape of child's body, depth adjustable from 12.5 to 15 inches, truly comfortable, no matter of what ages they are.


Caring lateral trunk support

Helping stabilizes positioning, allowing 90° to 180° lateral adjustment, cute-sized, considerate thickness, easy to adjust for individual needs.


Protective lateral seating pad

Allowing for 90° and 180° lateral angle adjustment as well, protecting the child's bottom, 7-section fore-aft adjustable (3cm for each section).


3D Flexible headrest

offering flexibility and helps stabilizing the child's head position, truly meeting every child's needs


Ergonomic armrest pad

Helping place the arms more stably


Thigh Separator

Reducing adduction's influence, adjustable without tools


One-pieced footplate

Stable, shiftable, foldable, 3-section adjustable (one inch for each section)


Seating belt

stability and safety


KP-12T can be disassembled easily for transportation and storage


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111 62 100 12.5''~15'' -- 180W 18Ah*2  


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