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NETTI Dynamic S

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Netti dynamic S cerebral palsy wheelchair 2
Netti dynamic S cerebral palsy wheelchair leg support
Netti dynamic S cerebral palsy wheelchair seat plate
Netti dynamic S cerebral palsy wheelchair head support



Healthy seating for children with unwilling movements

Netti Dynamic S is a uniquely different children wheelchair

Adapts to the child 
With a conventional wheelchair it is often difficult to provide users with spasticity and other expansive movements a good seating position over time. There is a risk that the body will be pushed out of the wheelchair by the spasm, causing a bad sitting position and bad distribution of pressure. With Netti Dynamic S, the user is returned to the original and comfortable seating position after the spasms.

Advantages for the user

  • Good sitting position and pressure distribution at all times as the child is automatically returned to its original position after the spasm.
  • A reduced forward sliding of the child
  • Less need for repositioning
  • After some time, we often experience fewer involuntary movements
  • Due to the slight variation of the sitting position, the child can sit longer in the chair well positioned. More time for games and social activities
  • The child can take part in trips in the car
  • The Netti Dynamic S has been designed with the special needs of children in mind so there is less wear on the chair.


Advantages for the assistant

  • Easy handling
  • Intuitive handling of the Dynamic functions
  • Height adjustable push bow
  • Easy Brake: Combined central brake that can be operated by foot or by hand.
  • Easy handling of tilt with readably adjustment
  • Easy to drive



Flexible Seat Plate

The chair can be adjusted by 10 cm in depth (from 25 to 35 cm without other spare parts), thereby ensuring the growing child a good seating comfort.


Readable Seat Tilt

Manual seat tilt for a variation of the sitting position.


Intuitive operation

Readable scales and pictograms make operation easier. Red marked adjustment elements and easy driving make handling easy.


Back cushion to suit the special needs of kids
New developed Netti S Super Stabil back cushion with deep side supports. 



 Dynamic back    Dynamic leg support    Dynamic seat









Standard configuration

Back cushion

Back cushion Netti S Super Stabil with 16 cm deep side supports. Breathable 3D cover. Is attached with Velcro and can be adjusted continuously in height.

Side supports

Height and side adjustable

Seat cushion

Seat cushion Netti S Sit with built-in side supports, lateral support and abduction. Breathable 3D cover.


Body Point Evoflex pelvic stabilizer. In addition, bar for eventual mounting of harness - adjustable in height and sideways. 
Including different sizes of Fixlocks belt clamps.

Head support

As stardard head support A Mini with side supports. Adjustable in height and with possibility for lateral adjustment. Removable.

Arm supports

Height adjustable and adjustable in depth. Readable scales for height adjustment. Armpad 330x55 mm with soft breathable 3D cover. Skirt guards with finger protection.

Push bar

Height and angle adjustable. Standard length is 50 cm, also 
available in a 38 cm version.


16'' PU wheels with drum brake for the attendant and 6'' PU front castors.


User-friendly combined hand and foot brake.

Leg supports

Dynamic leg supports with up to 5 cm length movement. Height- and depth adjustable calf supports and lockable aluminium foot board.


Height and length adjustable. Rotatable and usable as a kick-up aid.



Seat width


Seat height




Back angle


Seat depth


Back height


Max. load



 25, 30, 35 cm

44 cm

-3° - +35°


25-32,5 cm

(35 cm)

40 cm








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