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Stairclimber - Stairclimbing Transport Chairs - Liftkar PT-S 130/160

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sano PTS


Ideal around the house

  • The Liftkar PTS is the most adept model for negotiating very steep and winding stairs.
  • There are two models of PTS and PT Outdoor available; the 160
    (designed to transport persons weighing up to 150 kg) and the 130.

Let Liftkar PT take the strain

  • The operator always has a relaxed posture and a straight back while using the Liftkar PT.
  • There is no strain on the back or arms because the stairclimber is
    balanced during operation.
  • The operator has one hand on the crossbar and one hand on the UP-DOWN switch.

sano PTS2

Take your Liftkar PT with you!

  • The handle, battery, and lifting unit are all detached using a single lever.
  • Both the PTS and PT Outdoor can be dismantled quickly and easily into 3
    lightweight units by undoing a single lever.
  • Now your stairclimber can be stowed away in the boot
    of the car to accompany you wherever you go.
  • Now you can get around town and visit friends and relatives after all!


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