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Stairclimbers for professionals - Liftkar PT-Outdoor 120/150

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SANO Liftkar PT Stairclimbers (Video)


  • The fully integrated mobility solution Need extra freedom of movement
    around the house and garden?
  • The PT S/Outdoor provides people with walking difficulties a new level of mobility.
  • Fitted with a comfy seat and armrests, these stairclimbers are highly manoeuvrable.

Trains, planes and automobiles

  • Ideal for both personal and professional use, the Liftkar PT Outdoor is narrow
    enough to edge its way down the corridor on trains and gangways on planes.
  • Just raise the armrest to take your seat onboard.

Rugged design for extra stability

  • The PT Outdoor has large, non-marking wheels and
    a wider wheelbase to provide you with more stability outside.
  • Now you can negotiate steps and slopes outdoors no problem.

Get carried away!

  • The Liftkar PT brake wheels activate the powerful
    braking system inside the rims of the main wheels.
  • Tilting the stairclimber back slightly gradually applies
    the brakes, so there is no risk of the Liftkar running
    away with you on slopes and ramps.